Individual capacity for growth

The purpose of coaching is to identify the individual’s capacity for growth and it is influenced largely by models and theories used in counselling such as Gestalt, Existentialism and the Humanistic Model. If you haven’t come across these before do not worry. They are simply interpretations of how humans behave and how to influence behaviours in a positive way.

The Humanistic model is known to have provided foundational characteristics of coaching because

‘…it views the human as being the ultimate measure of all things and recognise that every individual has a capacity, even yearning, for growth and fulfilment’. Skiffington & Zeus (2003) p. 17

To put it more simply:

  • every individual has capacity for growth
  • the client is the source and director of change
  • the client is whole and unique
  • the coach is the facilitator of the client’s personal development

I think that describes the coaching process really well and emphasises the equality of the relationship between the coach and the client and the belief in the fact that the client holds the key to solving his/her own dilemmas. The coach is merely facilitating the process. That is what makes coaching powerful.