Are you in touch with your values and beliefs?

A lot of business coaching exercises focus on identifying and reflecting on values and beliefs, but why is it so important to be in touch with your values and beliefs?

Well you see, we quite often end up in situations, in business or in our private lives, where we are compromising on those values. There is nothing wrong with compromising, but some values are closer to our hearts than others, and those are particularly important to keep in mind at all times. Say ‘knowledge, learning and contributing’ is one of your core values, but you are stuck in a job that does not challenge you and there is no hope of further learning opportunities. You may solve it by doing an Open University degree in your spare time, or you may participate in the local activity group where talks on different subjects are offered frequently. However, if you are not honouring the¬†importance of this value it can lead to feeling despondent and frustrated, so being Are you in touch with your values and beliefs?in touch with your values is a very valuable exercise.