Do you feel valued?

Yes, of course money matters, but given the choice between a pay rise or working on a project that is worth-while where you feel valued, most people choose the latter.

And the same goes for personal relationships. Being in a situation where you are not valued can feel like you are likely to be replaced any moment and that can lead to feelings of insecurity.  But is it outside or within our control to do something about it?

Treat others as you want to be treated yourself is a good starting point. By highlighting the things your colleague/partner/friend does well and asking them to contribute with more of the good stuff, you start off a ‘feeling valued’ chain and if you are lucky it might come back to you. And remember to approach every task with the belief that people are capable of carrying them out. The confidence you have in them will make them feel valued and perform better. And guess what?… they will value you in turn for doing so.

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