Solutions come when you least expect them

I don’t know if you find this, but solutions only come when you least expect them. If I have a dilemma I need to solve and dedicate some time to sit and ponder or solve the problem, I rarely come up with the solution. I have friends who agree and confirm the same thing happens to them.

That got me thinking; if forcing a solution by allocating time to analyse and solve it doesn’t work, what do we do? It seems to me that in the same way I get more done when I am busy, I also seem to problem- solve better when I am doing other things. Solutions appear when engaged in other activities or when you least expect them.

So next time you have a dilemma you need to consider, continue the way you are, but be prepared to stop and make a note when the solution suddenly appears. Or work it out with your personal development coach of course…Solutions come when you least expect them