Are you inherently clever or do you work hard towards your goals?

Some theories from the world of psychology leave your memory as soon as you have finished the article – and some stick. The theory of fixed Vs growth mindset developed by Dr Carol S. Dweck is a keeper. In her book Mindset she talks about the different ways we can approach our goals and how working on adopting a growth mindset will always bring about positive change.

It is, of course, not an easy task; change never is, but by approaching each daily task knowing that we learn from them, failing no longer poses a threat but instead turns them into a challenge, something we can learn from.

As all theories, it is wonderfully simple and obvious when you think about it. Dr Dweck explains in a simple, down-to-earth way how we should cease to believe that our intelligence is somehow an inherent trait and that we will only ever achieve according to the limitations it sets. With a growth mindset a set back moves us forward rather than being a stick to beat ourselves up with, and failing and learning become a natural part of life. The theory is applicable to all aspects of our lives; our roles as employees, parents, mentors, coaches, beings.

So stop comparing your intelligence, achievements and confidence with people around you and start learning from their brilliance and add it to your already great skill set. Start praising people around you for their hard work and willingness to learn rather than their results. Notice the difference when you apply a growth mindset to the days challenges. You will be amazed.nigel-holmes-graphic