Where are you making a difference?

It was the famous psychologist Carl Rogers who stated that deep within us human beings are striving to become all that they can be. It is just that sometimes this force gets buried under to-do lists, chores, commitments, obligations or stress caused by being on the hamster wheel of life or work.

The reason why we get out of bed in the morning is because we want to make a difference and be all that we can be, but it is worthwhile considering now and again whether we are happy with the ‘where’ and ‘how’ we are making a difference.

Some people are lucky to have managers, partners, parents who are grateful for what is done and the difference they make is visible and appreciated. Other people, not so much. But common for everyone is the satisfaction of knowing where you make a difference. There is no such things as measuring this in terms of importance because being there for your children when they get home from school even though they hardly notice you or helping educate women in Afghanistan about financial independence are both examples of making a difference. And of equal importance to the people concerned.

So I suppose my challenge to you today is: consider where you are making a difference and if you need to make more of a difference, how can you achieve this?

Make a difference