‘Mette has constantly provided to me consistent, clear and insightful views and ideas throughout the time she has been my mentor. I have been very grateful for having her as a mentor and valued all her assistance. She is a remarkable mentor. You will welcome her in your room when seeking career direction and guidance in good and challenging moments’.

E D C,  Law Professional

I found the whole process really helpful and learnt so much about myself and how I work and think.  It has also very importantly given me a “stop, think, appreciate” reminder. I really looked forward to our sessions and always came away feeling that we had learnt so much and moved forward – exhilarated but exhausted from all the thought provoking questions’.

A H, Managing Director


‘ So you see Mette I have no time for things of the past – I am too busy getting on with really GREAT things I am doing today so I am signing off here with a big HEARTFELT thank you for changing my perspective on Life.’.

C F, Qualified Carer, Mum and person looking for more…

‘You have given me tangible things to work on which have been really helpful. I feel really good going forward with this’.

N D, Company Director and volunteer

‘Having Mette as a mentor has helped me so much personally as well as professionally. Our sessions have helped me set goals, identify barriers to achieving them, and discuss positive solutions. The process has been safe and supportive and I always really look forward to our Skype meetings. Mette has helped me make tangible improvements to my business, improve my confidence, and her expertise and insight has taught me to approach things from a different perspective’.

N D, Company owner and online marketer