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Coaching is a solution-focused process where the coach and client work together to clarify choices and makes changes to achieve personal development.

What does personal development mean to you?

I found the whole process really helpful and learnt so much about myself and how I work and think.  It has also very importantly given me a “stop, think, appreciate” reminder. I really looked forward to our sessions and always came away feeling that we had learnt so much and moved forward – exhilarated but exhausted from all the thought provoking questions’.

Coaching for individual goals

Do you ever spend time to reflect on how you are feeling about your life, your job, your relationships? We are all constantly influenced by our surroundings including the expectations from managers, colleagues, partners, family and friends. In order to meet those, we change and adapt. Sometimes in line with our own values, sometimes not. Not living according to your own set of values can lead to uncertainty and the feeling of being in a dilemma.

Coaching is a process by which you explore the dilemmas, clarify choices around them and make changes accordingly. It is a process from which much is learnt to the benefit of the individual investing in it.

Coaching for business goals

Many businesses state their employees are the most important asset they have without investing in the well-being of these employees. By giving staff the chance to reflect on their own personal development it provides insights and benefits which are fed into the business. It is a very simple way of gaining a competitive advantage in any industry. Many of the market leaders today recognise the importance of this and provide working environments that supports it.

Coaching is used with great returns in businesses by giving employees the time and the environment to work on becoming better, more efficient team members as well as by individuals wanting to reflect on their life for the sake of their own learning process. Time to reflect is not a luxury, it is a must.

If you would like to discuss how coaching works please email me your questions. You can also read more about coaching and its benefits by choosing from the menu above.

Clarify choices, make changes.